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Items We Do Not Buy

With the concern for the environment
and the safety of our customers in
mind, Good To Go Recycle will not accept
the following items:

• City, County or State-owned material

• Empty or full whole compressed gas cylinders (e.g. oxygen, acetylene, propane and Freon tanks)

• Computer monitors, televisions, or any electronic device

• Fluorescent light fixtures that have PCB containing ballasts. A ballast specifying that it does not contain PCBs is acceptable.

• Tires

• Glass bottles or glass containers

• Sealed drums

• Railroad scrap

• Utility owned scrap

• Beer kegs

• Items containing radiation, asbestos,

or lead paint

• Nickel-Cadmium or radioactive materials

• Capacitors, transformers with PCBs

• Paper or cardboard

• Firearms or brass shell casings

• Items containing Freon (if your item contains Freon, we have certified technicians that can remove the hazardous waste properly)

Regulated Materials:

In accordance with MS Scrap Metal Law proper license is required to sell any regulated material which include:

Aluminum and copper from industrial and commercial sources including HVAC systems, utility wiring, beer kegs, metal syrup kegs and other items as defined in the following link to the Scrap Metal Law.